Chesterfield & Harris Tweed

Or the collaboration between Chesterfield and Harris Tweed. How the best of both worlds encounter in style and quality.


Harris Tweed Combination

The specifically charming combination of supple quality leather with original Harris Tweed fabric creates a distinctive Chesterfield furniture with a soothing, luxurious appearance.

Harris Tweed Classic

Chesterfield with Tweed: two famous furniture traditions integrated in one gorgeous product. Classic features come together playfully in a contemporary shape.

Harris Tweed Stylish

The assured quality, durability and pleasant-warm comfort of Chesterfield with Harris Tweed, proves itself in a natural, stylish elegance that fits into any interior.

Chesterfield Harris Tweed furniture

Below you will find section of the Chesterfield Harris Tweed collection from

Chesterfield Harris Tweed furniture

Below you will find section of the Chesterfield Harris Tweed collection from

What is Harris Tweed?

Original Harris Tweed comes originally from Scotland. It is a luxurious, strong fabric made of real pure new wool. known for the high quality, the unique colors and the pretty, characteristic patterns

Where is Harris Tweed made?

The whole process of washing, dyeing, spinning and weaving is done by islanders of the Outer Hebrides. They work in mill sheds or at home as independent weavers.

Which characteristics does Harris Tweed have?

Harris Tweed is tradtionally hand made. The fabric is pure nature, breathable, warm, colorful, durable and adaptable. It is stamped with the Orb hallmark.

How many colors does Harris Tweed have?

Whatever color you choose. It is possible due to the wool for Harris Tweed is dyed first, then blended. This gives the weaver exactly the right shades of yarn.

Where can I buy Harris Tweed furniture?

You can simply buy the original Chesterfield Harris Tweed furniture online at or visit one of our showrooms.

Which patterns does Harris Tweed have?

There are hundreds of unique patterns, carefully developed over the centuries. Subtle design with the most beautiful composition of natural tones, typical of Harris Tweed.

Warranty Chesterfield & Harris Tweed

We offer a 3-year warranty on the leather and the Tweed fabric for every Chesterfield Harris Tweed furniture. 12 years on the frame.

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